Sink into pure comfort & chill by your pool with Frey portable, outdoor luxury beanbags, in two tone beige & mushroom colour.

Experience Pure Comfort

With Frey outdoor luxury bean bags

Sink into your bean bag for hours, read a book, take a nap or just chill out. Their shape conforms to your body ensuring you great comfort. Perfect for kids or adults. You can take them with you wherever you go: by the pool or to the biggest rock in nature.

Frey magenta sunbed cushions & luxury beige bean bag in water-repellant, fadeproof fabric, designed for poolside moments. 

Designed Even For Your Poolside Moments

Let Your Body Feel The Comfort

Filled with polystyrene granules, our seating bags relieve and support your body so you will think you’re sitting on a cloud. Sink into, sit on or lie down .. the choice is yours because our bean bags can be shaped exactly how you want.

Frey beige poolside bean bags filled with polystyrene granules, support your body. Sink in, sit or lie on. Shape how you like.
Frey sketch bean bag design in size & style you like in different faces to suit your mood. Made in Silvertex waterproof vinyl.

Get To Know A Design That Will Never Bore You

Turn the face side you are in the mood for today

Your Bean Bag can be made in different “faces”. Simply turn the side you are in the mood for
that day.
Made from SILVERTEX® waterproof vinyl, they are the perfect choice for your pool area or escape to nature. Choose the size and style you want for your needs.

Frey Luxury Bean Bags, perfect for nature escapes in Dubrovnik location. Big blue & burgundy 2 face bean bags to enjoy views.

Perfect Even For Your Nature Escape

Frey Luxury Bean Bags in right size & style for you in Silvertex vinyl burgundy colour. Water/fadeproof, soft & comfortable.

Choose the right size and style for you
and your needs.



Frey Luxury Bean Bags, for Victoria's Secret Angels picnic organised by Luxury Agency Secret Dalmatia in Dubrovnik location. 

Luxury Bean Bags For Victoria’s Secret Angels – For A Picnic Organised By The Luxury Agency ‘Secret Dalmatia’

It was a real pleasure when the luxury agency ‘Secret Dalmatia’ hired us to design bean bags for their clients Victoria’s Secret Angels. Beautiful models enjoyed our Frey Casa Luxury Bean Bags in an enviable Dubrovnik location.

Stylise With Authentic Decor

Stylizing with authentic decor from Frey Luxury Pillows campaign collection. Perfect for your home/villa interior or outdoors.