Frey individual sketch of premium, bespoke poolside sunbed cushions in magenta designed for comfort & your style by your pool.

Designed To Suit

Your poolside style

When it is about your poolside lounger you deserve premium cushions.
Frey Casa cushions are bespoke, bring you the stylish factor, comfort and carefreeness.

Custom Made
To Last

Made from exclusive vinyl or acrylic fabric your sunbed lounger cushions will always be dry. They have great features for your poolside area; UV resistant, waterproof, mildew resistant,
and fade proof.

You can have them in fancy and stylish colours.

Exclusive magenta vinyl or acrylic fabric for your poolside sunbed loungers are UV/mildew resistant, always dry & fadeproof.

CHOOSE Water-Repellant Fabric In The Style You Like

Modern UV-treated, durable and easy to clean fabrics not only look good but are also very practical: with their water-repellent surface they provide protection from the elements and keep water away from your body.

Long Lasting And Fadeproof

The best solution by your pool. Choose waterproof fabric in the style and color you like and stay comfortable.

Stylise your poolside with Frey Luxury Pillows in modern fabric by Sunbrella. Water-repellant & filled with 100% soft down.

Stylise Your Poolside Area

Perfect by your poolside area.
Made in modern designs, Frey Luxury Pillows are water-repellent.
Filled with 100% natural and soft goose down they will provide you with true comfort.


Stylise With Authentic Decor

Stylizing with authentic decor from Frey Luxury Pillows campaign collection. Perfect for your home/villa interior or outdoors.