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7 reasons why to choose Frey

When it´s about winter covers we always recommend custom awning. Ordered covering from store can never protect the boat as good as custom designed suit for your boat.

It is important that material for covering is uncompromising regarding weather conditions. We recommend that while choosing a material you always look for material specifications. Material has to be waterproof, breathable and resistant to certain degrees of temperature. If the material has no such specifications awning will leak, freeze, and provide mold on the boat.

Winter does not ask questions so it is important to protect your boat on time!

7 reason for Frey winter cover?

1.   30% reduced additional costs of maintenance - no need for servicing awnings over 6 years
2.   Extends the life of the boat for 40%, and thus provides a higher sales value
3.   Handcrafted to suit  your boat with materials manufacturers Ferrari Stamoid Light and Sattler Nautex
4.   More years of  warranty then competitors
5.   Simple montage system and easy storage system
6.   Protects interior and exterioer from dirt and mold, and thus saving cleaning time
7.   Protects from the hard weather conditions and the impact of external temperatures from -30°C  to +70°C

We are focused on functionality and design, and for easy and practical storage we design personalized storage bags in order to save space on your boat.

We care about your awnings in the worst weather conditions, look our case study:


Prepare your boat with Frey..

Contact us and take advantage of 10% discount in period from 10th October – 16th October 2016.

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