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A Frey Idea For Your Yacht Interior

Every yacht interior is special, but it can become even more special.

We have an idea for styling your yacht interior and we are sure you're going to love it! :) 

The Idea through Case Study: Stylish Yacht Interior in Damor Fjera 980

The Frey Makeover For Your Yacht Interior

What do you get when you add the "little" things and "tiny" details?  You get something just yours. You get another dimension. You feel the WOW factor. See the difference for yourselves...  

Interior yacht curtains for a whole new dimension look

It doesn't have to be something big to achieve that whole new dimension look. It can be the "little" things like adding new curtains, bringing out the right details such as the anchor button or matching the curtains with the right accessories.

Nautical Tablecloths for the WOW factor

It can be the "tiny" details such as adding nautical blue and white tablecloths (because stripes are always in :)) for the yacht exterior refit, matching them with the right tones and elegant accessories such as Frey Luxury Pillows.

Personalised Accessories That Bring Magic To Your Yacht

Of course, Frey Luxury Pillows have a great part in this project - they add style, elegance and personality. We can do the same with your yacht interior!

To discover more of personalised yacht decor ideas with Luxury Pillows, check out our last blog: Accessories That Bring Magic To Your Yacht