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Acrylic vs. Polyester

Did you know that the first fabric used in marine industry was made from cannabis ?

Canvas made of toughest plants, for the first time in Europe have been brought by old people of Saracens and Moors, so because of the great qualities of resistance to moisture cloth was used for creating the first sails.

In 1950.s - these fabrics have appeared on the marine market, which today often encounter the term '' solution dyed acrylic / polyester ''. Acrylic and polyester fabrics with special technological process of manufacturing gain special performance of water repellency, water- permeability, protection against mold and UV ray.

While today the nautical industry offers a huge selection of acrylic and polyester fabrics, where the fabric producers constantly struggle in the market with the production of a wider range of colors and textures and longer years of guarantee, in practice our clients often encounter with the unresolved issue of what to choose for boat cushions – vinyl or acrylic dyed polyester fabrics.

The first criteria in the process of choosing of the type of fabric for the boat cushions  is that the fabric should satisfy the performace of resistance to moisture and mold growth and UV rays, whether it's on the exterior or interior of the boat.

It is also important to know the habits of the boat owners, their age and size of the yacht- It does matter whether you are couples with small children and a dog - in the selection process the focus will be on practicality and the easier maintenance. For greater feeling of softness and luxury we suggest polyester fabric, which is much more pleasant. Conversely, if you own a large yacht - acrylic fabrics can be also an excellent choice.

For the successful outcome of the project when it comes to redesigning or creating new boat cushions, it is fundamental to educate the client as well to have close collaboration and communication.

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