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Additional Space for Adrenaline FORMULA

No matter how big is the boat, there is never enough space. I believe that all boat owners would agree with this statement.       
When in search of ‘‘more '' space, there is always the question of how to get it, and in the same time not to violate the integrity of the space but to achieve the functionality and aesthetics.

Our long-time customers Mirjana and Boris Mazalin, the owners of the speedboat Formula, were also in search of more space. How to convert the fore part of Formula into a sun deck and get more space, without losing the previously mentioned elements?!
The problem that we encountered was that the fore part of Formula looking frontally was not completely flat surface, as it actually looks at first, but it is the surface with its slopes.

After brainstorming and developing the draft, the most important thing was to make a precise pattern by which we later modeled dryfill permeable sponge which compensated the aforementioned slope of the fore part. We got completely flat surface of the sponge, and its thickness was ideal as it was intended for comfortable resting. We chose SilverTex Spradling vinyl in pearly white colour.

Frey bopat cushions
For simple and easy storage and access to the fore part of the boat at any time, the sun deck was divided into three parts which can be easily separated by YKK zippers.

Frey boat cushion - sundeck

As we bring styling to an end, and the most important details are impressive and personalized we have made FREY cushions - ideal for lying and the inevitable final touch.

Frey boat cushion

That the system of fixing sunbathing showed excellent in practice, Boris Mazalin confirmed: '' I was driving to Vis (31 miles) at speed 47 miles / h, while the sunbathing area was fixed at only two quarters and nothing moved ''.

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