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Be carefree leaving your boat with Frey protective cover

Custom cover not only  protect your asset on the boat - but also they protect your wallet.

Covers  provide  protection  for particular part of the boat that are exposed to different weather conditions and thus extend the lifetime of the devices so the decision not to cover them up - ultimately could be the most expensive choice.

Depending on the place  you want to  protect, whether it is about winches, instrument panel, console, sundeck, wheel or some other part, we design cover separately for each instrument or extended for a larger area, and according to that - we recommend the type of material.

For covering we choose fabric only with high classifications. Breathable, waterproof and resistant to external temperatures from - 30 ° to + 70 °. The material have to be sturdy and light enough to protect the device, but to not put pressure on it.

In designing we are following lines and shapes of the instruments, and the color of the material we align with shades which is prevailing on the boat therefore Frey covers are stylish details that complement the look in the interior or exterior.

Everyone knows how the nautical weather conditions are hard and unpredictable and if you want to be carefree about protection of your boat – contact us.

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