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Boat curtains in Frey way - Lagoon 570

Curtains are always indispensable accessories for a complete look of the interiors of yachts and boats. They play a very important role in the overall aesthetic so it is better to choose a custom made curtains. They will follow the line of boat windows and thus make every boat interior special.

While preparing the boat curtains, especially within the yacht makeover, most important thing is to determine what function you want for curtains to have – for subtle light in the room or for privacy?! For bright and airy spaces we recommend lightweight fabric with seldom weaving. For greater privacy interiors we encourage denser fabrics that provide enough light, while ensuring the required privacy.

In order to boat's curtain fell nicely, the fabric must not be too heavy, nor too light grammage. Depending on the size of the boat's windows we often advise making curtains from parts that match the size and shape of the windows. Thus we achieve the best aesthetic solution. As for the last element of functionality – they always have to be adapted for practical usage of boat curtains. The solution for the fixation system we adapt to our clients and their yacht's interior design.

The color of the curtains should be carefully aligned with shades and textures of other textiles in the interior, usually with texture and color of seating cushions. For timeless color of curtains the best choice are range of pastel shades, especially white and beige. In our projects we use Sunbrella fabric with UV protection because thus protect boats interior of constant exposure to the sun, and at the same time achieve the perfect balance of light and shadow.

We always love the new fashion ideas and designs tailor to clients lifestyle and room space requirements which is particularly challenging in the yacht interior. In order to boats curtains have  a special look even when  curtains are - we always stylized them with some special Frey details.

Distinguish yourself and your style with Frey decor touch, as well as a owner of luxury catamaran Lagoon 570.