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Choose custom made when it comes to your boat's cushions

Boat cushions are an indispensable part of each  boat. Whether they are in interior or exterior, cockpit or sundeck cushions -  there is no doubt when it comes to design of boat cushions you should always choose custom design.

In our practice is frequently seen that boat manufacturers limit choice when it is about boat cushions. A small selection of colors, thicknesses and types of sponges, mismatched handling or storage of boat cushion are all reason to make custom cushions.

Here in Frey, we always find the best solution and design for your cushions. We are always focused on your needs so we make personalized design sketch of your boat cushions.

In order to cushions durability and dryness in interior and exterior, it is important to choose quality sponge. Considering the conditions on the boat; high humidity, large amounts of sea salt and high exposure to sunlight - ordinary sponge for filling the boat cushion will bring a lot of problems, thereby increasing the cost of maintenance of the yacht. Back side of cushion we dress up with transparent PVC mesh so the sponge could always breathe whether the cushion are in use or storage.

For interior or exterior boat cushions we always choose a professional acrylic and polyester fabrics of renowned manufacturers like Sunbrella, Aquaclean or Spradling. Your Frey cushions become waterproof with UV protection, and can be non-flammable. They are mold resistant and very easy to clean so storaging is very simple with Frey design.

As yachts stylists, for us it's important to meet with your lifestyle, habits and boats space in accordance to find the best functional and stylish solution for your boat cushions. For example if you like to spend time sunbathing, choose full sundeck design - cover the entire bow with polyester cushions.

Keep in mind that the color and design of boat cushions you have to aesthetic harmonize with the rest of the boat. Choose straight and simple lines and neutral colors of acrylic fabrics if you love minimalistic style and you want to achieve a sophisticated and a luxurious look of the boat.

If you like details choose the 'pouf' boat cushions with decorative piping or seams with bold fabric color.

Always choose the comfort for your boat cushions, but do not forget that they are style icons of your boat. Enjoy your style - contact us and we will design boat cushion exactly how you want.  

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