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Design solution for boat summer shade

Cool, privacy and attractive look - easy 3 in 1 designer solution!

This year boat summer shades are big trend. More and more clients are deciding on this design solution to achieve an attractive look and sun protection.

Frey boat sun shades

We design shades with meshes of renowned manufacturers such as Serge Ferrari Soltis 86. Mesh as product has different textures, colors and hole sizes that makes them adaptable to different purposes.

Frey mesh for sun shades

The cockpit awning can be easily replaced with mesh shades on the same existing boat cover mechanism so you can easily create a airy atmosphere. Summer shade provides a clear look out, but protects your privacy from the outside view and creates shade on your boat.

Frey boat sun shades

The advantage of design solutions is that the product can always be tailored to your needs. Choose the shade designed in parts and simply transform it in way you like. 

Frey boat sun shades

With addition of the shades to cockpit awning make your relaxed time more comfortable. 

Frey boat sun shades

After the summer season your boat shade can be simply stored in a practical Frey custom made storage bag. With personalized embroidery bag will be fantastic accessories in your boat interior.

frey storage bag

Choose your favourite color, shape and shade purpose and 'dress' your boat in summer style. Hurry up, summer is here :)

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