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Discover the practical and aesthetic solution for nautical maps

You have no idea where to put nautical charts on your boat? Don't worry, we have a solution.

You can have a very practical and modern nautical charts holder with custom embroidery, just like the one we have designed for Bavaria 38 owned by Mirakul Yachting (D - Marin Dalmacija, Sukosan).

Frey nautical maps holder

When there is no place on navigation table for nautical maps then you need to find it.  We have decided that it would be on the one Bavarian boat bulkhead. Nautical maps holder is designed with water repellent fabrics so maps are safe from moisture in the boat's interior. Map holder is firmly fixed to the boat's "wall" so there s no fear for the maps while boat is rocking – nautical maps are safe!

Frey nautical maps holder

Every sailing will be easier and nicer with such useful accessories on boat.

Frey nautical maps holder

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