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Fabric trends for your yacht in 2018 - Make the magic happen

As Pantone's Colour of the Year suggests, the trending colour for 2018 is the refreshingly mystic UltraViolet.

But as far as the fabrics in the yachting industry go, we have our own opinion.

First impressions are the most lasting

First impressions are key in yacht decoration. If you want to create a pleasant first impression with your yacht in this year you should give her a touch of personality and there is no better way in doing that than choosing the right colour and texture of fabric for your interior and exterior design.

Stylish yacht exterior decor with trendy fabric

Image by www.yachtcharterfleet.com

Right colours create a unique design

For this year, we recommend pastel and neutral colours, which bring out the warmth, comfort and elegance of the interior giving it an extraordinary and unique look.

Spradling fabrics have a new soothing palette perfect for the mentioned look. 

Spradling fabrics neutral colours for yacht decor

Visual identity of your yacht is important

Your yacht's visual identity is very important and it's defined by the fabrics you pick.   

If you want to feel softness in your yacht's interior and exterior, Sunbrella fabrics is an ideal choice. 

They are stain and fade resistant so you won't have to worry about spilt coffee anymore :)   

It's not a surprise that this year, once again, Sunbrella delivered a wide range of fashionable patterns and designs.   

The trending colours of 2018 are pastel and neutral colours such as light blue, shades of green, variations of yellow...                                                                         

Sunbrella fabrics for yacht reupholstery

Make the magic happen with Sunbrella fabrics if you're considering new yacht upholstery, reupholstery or maybe a new yacht decor.

Sunbrella fabrics for interior and exterior yacht decor

P.S. Keep in mind that if you want to create a contrast effect with the fabrics in your yacht, you can do it with our Frey luxury pillows.   

If you need any help with your ideas remember that we are always here for you :)