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Frey concept for handcraft boat outfit

You always wondered how your custom made product was created? What does precede the sewing and in what order are the tasks performed?

We have decided to show you how Frey work :)

Step 1. Meeting with a client

During the briefing with client regarding his lifestyle and needs we advise and suggest best design, color and material for their product.

Frey fabric for boat confection

Step 2. Measuring and creating an offer

In order to create custom offer we need precise measurements and material calculation. After the work is arranged - we order materials we need for a project. We always take the template and create a sketch of the product to design boat awning or cushion so they align perfectly with boat lines and shape. 

Frey sketch of boat awning

Step 3. Sewing

Based on the template, we begin with tailoring and preparing details to start sewing process

No matter what the product is - sprayhood awning, bimini top, sundeck or cockpit cushion, we pay attention to every detail while designing. We always find a perfect concept for practical design and 'easy to use' product.

Frey sewing process of boat awning

Step 4. Frey final touch

After finished project of the boat makeover, we stylize interior and exterior with unique outdoor pillows - final touch in Frey style.

Frey outdoor pillows

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