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Frey luxury pillows on online store

Dear fans, after a year of hard work; many, many invested hours and ideas we finally created our web shop !! Yeahh !!

The idea of creating a luxury pillows was born spotaneously, several years ago during redesign one boat's interior. That irresitible combination of stripes and colors made me to create decorative pillows because - what is a sofa without pillow and pillow without a sofa?!

When I decided to put pillows on the terrace in front  of our  workshop, the passengers  got crazy about them. I was happy that products of my instinctive imagination were recognized,  that they see - what I see. It gave me the motivation to design further on.  When my  colleague  joined our small team, several years ago, a passion for creating was simply doubled.  We've been creating pillows manicly, something similar to Van Gogh's  lucid phase  .. :) During ongoing tasks, the creating process was fun ...it felt like we're creating art. We played  with colors, designs and styled details. We just enjoyed the whole process.

Through creation we were inspirated by the true nautical way of life. Whole Frey team is originated from Croatian sea coast, so we are all „children of the sea“ - and  that unbreakable bond of love for the sea and nautic we replicated in our collections.  We stand by to the concept that our pillow collections suit in any interior or exterior so we designed YACHT and HOME collections.

Nautical style lovers and the ones with exquisite taste recognize the brand Frey luxury pillows. This is exactly what they wanted! Either for presents, weddings or pure hedonism many desire Frey pillow. Our pillows were contents in well known lifestyle magazines, interiors and exteriors of luxury yachts from Beneteau, Jeanneau, Monte Carlo,  the homes of known and unknown nautical souls.

How we sometimes call it - Freyko - easily gained recognition and acknowledgment and impressed everybody. People  like it and want it! Many of our pillows traveled to the prestigious fairs outside the borders of our country, participated in the yacht decorations, and found a place in many homes..

We have much more to say..so  all of you that feel our creativity and love Frey are welcome into the our world.  We invite you to click on the following link http://www.freyluxurypillows.com/en/ and share.

Your Frey...