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Friends of Children and Nature

Our children and future generations ensure a better quality of life so we decided to give our waste materials and fabrics in kindergartens and schools, and thus participate in the process of preserving our nature.

Creativity & Recycling Go Together

As we work in a creative field of the yacht industry, we are very pleased to be able to indirectly help and contribute to the development of children's creativity, and at the same time teach them about the importance of recycling.

In the image below, you can see how the children used the Serge Ferrari mesh packaging and turned it into a playing platform.

Sunbrella Fabrics Become Small Masterpieces

In cooperation with the kindergarten '' Biograd '', and the encouragement of creative kindergarten teachers, the Sunbrella Cushion fabrics (Sunbrella Paris Red, Sunbrella Aruba & Sunbrella White) that we use for yacht upholstery, together with the children's imagination, were transformed into real small masterpieces. 


Brooches "Meadow on the Heart"

The kids got so into creating and the idea of recycling that they simply couldn't stop making new, magical things.

Here we can see how they made the Brooch Collection "Meadow on the Heart" out of Spradling Silvertex vinyl, which Frey usually uses to manufacture yacht cushions. 

We love our planet and because of the importance of promoting environmental awareness, we will continue further on.

We also love children and we will be doing many productive projects with them in the future...