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It doesn't always have to be blue

When it comes to the quality of the fabric you have to be serious, but when it`s about the fabric colors, you should have some fun…

Although the color of fabric may be the final touch, it also gives a strong statement 'below' and 'above' the deck. When it comes to the interior of the boat, we recommend that when choosing colors you pay attention to several factors. When you choose a color or texture for boat cushions, think also about the color of the boat no matter if there is wood or any other material. As for the redesign, it is always good to align with the existing color in the room so that new fabric can softly blend. Do you want to direct the attention of a certain part of the room, or do you want to point out a key parts in the room?

Tell us what you want to achieve with redesign and most importantly ... tell us about your style.

When it comes to quality of the fabrics we always recommend material with high specifications, which are the criteria for our handcrafted work. To be unlimited in the choice of colors, it is important to determine which room in the boat you want to stylize. Along with aesthetics, it is crucial that fabric can be easily maintained.

We always bring harmony in the ambience of the boat, and it depends on your lifestyle are we going to achieve it with subtle combinations and highlight them with custom details or we can play with strong contrasts, and bring freshness.

Trendy colors, except blue shades, are beige tones, but lately we  stylize with gray color shades…

Feel the freedom when it comes to fabric colors and textures for the boat interior or exterior, and leave the handcraft to us so we can tell your story in Frey way.

And do not forget ... It doesn't always have to be blue.

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