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Jeanneau Leader 805 in the golden tone

In the arrangement of yacht there is no solution of templates. There are only a few guidelines to keep in mind when planning, and the aim of achieving as much personality. The emphasis should always be placed on the use of space and details, and decorating style of yacht should actually reflect owner lifestyle .

In our case likable young couple from Germany decisions about decorating their boat entrusted to us. Last year we started decorating their Jeanneau Leader 805, first manufacture awnings in beige color, and this year we continued with manufacture of sundeck and decorative pillows.

Frey sundeck with spradling vinyl

Dominant cold white Jeanneau took warm contrast, and given that this is a sundeck area, the decision was made to dark golden color. Beautiful structure Spradling vinyl with a pearly effect  pointed great lines of  sundeck and also the super fit the whole look Jeanneau.  

Frey sundeck with Spradling vinyl

Feeling sunbathing we chose a Dry Fly permeable, non-absorbent sponge made in three parts in which we meet the element of functionality, and guided by the fact that ther is never too much pillows , and to make the final touch to any environment we have chosen decorative Frey luxury pillows in  white - brown combination which resulted in an unobtrusive elegance.

Frey sundeck with luxury

The boat actually series production got a personal style. The owners are happy, and thus we do. :)

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