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Luxury catamaran Lagoon 570 - Interior makeover project

Complete interior reupholstery

Nautika Centar Nava has contacted us for a styling project on a luxury Lagoon 570 - Mala. The owners wanted new custom boat curtains (see more at the link below) and a redesign of interior boat cushions. 

Frey Visual Concept

The aim was to achieve an eye-appealing and functional design. The entire interior had to look luxurious and elegant compared to the previous look. We came up with a new look for the interior at the beginning of the project with our Frey Visual Concept. We were able to show the owners the future look of their yacht's interior.

Mission: To add more style

Old boat cushions definitely needed a makeover. Blue color look faded which gave old look to interior. Our mission was to make a stylish makeover on Lagoon's Mala interior.

Aquaclean for someone who loves clean

For simple and easy maintenance and for a refreshing and luxurious look of the catamaran we have advised the owners to choose fabric in beige shade from Aquaclean fabric manufacturer. They have technology that enables easy cleaning of stains only with water, which is the ideal choice for charter boat cushions.

Aquaclean fabric

Colors matter

With a boat cushion and boat curtains restyle we have created a comfortable and elegant interior. We designed angular and semicircular boat cushions in beige shades with which we achieved a soft and attractive look.

Neutral textile tones have been perfectly matched with wood shades that prevail in the interior. Making such a choice of colors and unique elements we brought the elegance into the Lagoon's interior.

We have coordinated the curtain colors with the boat cushions colors - we chose Sunbrella Satin fabric that has a gentle shine effect. We designed it from several parts in order to be more practical to use and aesthetically to be more attractive. To achieve a special look for the curtains, we added innovative details in the form of nautical buttons.

Mission: Complete!

We also designed custom luxury pillows with embroidered Lagoon's name 'Mala' and sea motifs which contributed to Mala's personality.  Now, this luxury catamaran is ready for the trip around the world.

The owners were very happy with the new and fresh look of their Lagoon - we did a successful makeover of 'Mala'.

If your boat needs a stylish makeover, contact us and advise with us :).

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Photography source: www.aquaclean.com, www.navaboats.com