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Make your yacht more appealing with throw pillows

You've recently made a complete makeover on your boat or yacht. New boat curtains are on the windows, and the boat cushions are restyled, but you are still miss something?

You are wondering what else you can do to make the boat interior more stylish? We have a great idea!

Whether you want to refresh your interior, create some specific atmosphere or completely change the style - the solution are decorative pillows. With this pillows you can really achieve the effect you want. 

Create your small paradise on the boat or yacht. Here are some of our ideas :).

If you want to change the look of the boat - stylize with pillows with striking lines. From minimalistic boat interior create a cozy atmophsfere in nautical style.  

For the tropical paradise feeling you only need a few turquoise pillows in your favorite boat's place.

yacht interior with turquoise pillows

The owners of luxury catamaran Lagoon 570 highlighted their style from others with personalized pillows with the name of their boat – Mala. Good idea, right?

Frey boat cushion with throw pillows

For a pleasant rest and enjoyment on your sundeck create a relaxing atmosphere with several throw pillows with different patterns.

Frey boat sundeck with throw pillows

For long and cozy gathering, refresh with throw pillows in warm colors.

Frey boat cushion and throw pillows

Decorative pillows are small details that create a really big effect. You can easily change the look of your interior without big investment.

Make style changes in your interior with Frey luxury pillows. Get inspired and find the best for you...