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Marine Spradling fabrics = the best quality and performance

Boat owners very often can not decide which fabric to use when it's about designing or redesigning a new boat cushions, whether it is a boat interior or exterior. Because of the nautical conditions on which the boat is constantly exposed we always recommend a Spradling vinyl - Marine collection as a best solution for boat cushions. Because of the special technological process, the production has special characteristics of water repellency, flame retardant, mold protection and UV protection, which is an exceptional advantage over all ATN vinyl when it comes to a boat or a yacht.

Marine Spradling fabric

In addition to the excellent specifications, the Spradling vinyl is very easy to maintain which represent a big time saving for yachtsmen. One of the types of Spradling vinyl - Permablok, even tolerates a regular  pen or felt pen, so it's a great choice if you have children. The materials are antibacterial and stain resistant, and after easy cleaning with water and soap results are incredible. Check out Spradling video.

One of the most popular Spradling material is Silvertex and mostly we design with it. It has a rich texture developed with unique technology that replicates the look of fine weave.

Frey boat cushion with Spradling silvertex fabric

Due to wide palettes and constantly new and improved technologies, patterns and colors of materials, it is increasingly difficult for customers to choose the perfect combination for their boat.

Spradling fabrics

Choose Spradling poliester vinyl for your boat cushions and we will tak care of the design. Contact us and we will find the perfect texture for your boat.

Frey boat cushion with Spradling Silvertex fabric

Photo source: www.spradlingvinyl.com