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Stripes - fashion patterns for boats upholstery

First thing what comes on mind at the mention of nautica and design, certainly are - stripes! :)

They always grab the attention in every room and undoubtedly they are a brave choice for yacht makeovers. As we are fans of fashion stripes and their eternal style, we are happy to bring them into boat interior.

A thoughtful combination of stripes can create exactly what you want. To visually expand the space, which is very often the case with yacht cockpit lounges and boat interior – we advise you to choose the horizontal stripes. Choose vertical stripes to achieve a stylish 'elongate' and to emphasize the height of the room. Boat's pillows and seats often don't have straight shape forms. In order to get a dynamic and natural look, stripes must be aesthetically and properly positioned to complement each other.

It seems to be a very simple choice, but you should be careful because the wrong choice of color, density and thickness of stripe lines can create '' visual noise ''. For perfect look we advise you a stylish game of blue and always trendy beige tones.

If you are still in doubt about the stripes, start with small - statement pieces such as decorative pillows from our YACHT COLLECTION.  If you boldly decide to go for a new design or redesign, perhaps the fashion stripes patterns are the right choice for you.

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