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When to Repair Your Boat Canvas

If your canvas gets damaged or torn while you're out cruising, a temporary canvas repair can be a good idea. Even if you know you will be replacing the canvas once you're back at your home port, a temporary repair can help protect your sails or other parts of your boat until you're able to replace the damaged canvas. It can be helpful to keep a canvas repair kit on board your boat for just such situations.

If the repair will result in a couple more years of service from a boat canvas, it is fairly inexpensive to have an old canvas repaired, but if it is on the way out anyway, why waste time and money on it?

A new Sunbrella canvas will last for years, so it makes sense to look at the annual cost of of your canvas, not just the initial price. If your restitching job is close to the annual cost of owning a new canvas, and your old one is about done anyway, it's time for some new canvas. After all, the cost of the new canvas will be far less than the cost of replacing or repairing damage to the boat and its fixtures that the canvas will prevent.