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Winterize your boat - Boat cover materials SATTLER - Covermaster

Why put time and money into a boat that you're not going to use for six months? That's an all-too-common attitude when it comes to winterizing chores. Beeeg mistake.

Winter weather can wreak havoc (cracked blocks, corrosion, etc.) on a boat that's not prepared for hibernation. Another tip: If your boat needs professional help and you wait until spring to get it, you're hitting the boat doctor at his busiest time.

So it pays to take care of any problems and dealer-required maintenance in the fall, before your craft is clutched by winter's icy grip.

Boat cover materials SATTLER - Covermaster

Because it is inexpensive and easy, many boat owners opt to cover their boats and store them in their yards over the winter leave them unprotected in Marina's. Keeping the boat in your yard is also convenient, but care must be taken to choose the right cover.

Experts generally agree that purchasing a high-end boat cover is the best way to go. If you purchase a cheaper cover that doesn't allow enough airflow it can promote mildew, causing problems and costing more further down the road.

Choose the best cover you can afford with a fabric that is strong, breathable and water-resistant. If your budget allows, a custom cover and frame is a worthwhile investment that can last from five to ten years like SATTLER Nautex fabrics.