Frey Yacht Stylist passionately create yacht upholstery that is inspired by the endless beauty of the sea and sailing.

Inspired by the beauty of sea and sailing we passionately create upholstery for yachts of today.

We design not only for the yacht but for man and woman who dare to live an authentic yacht lifestyle.

Craft INSPIRED BY Our Dalmatian Roots

At Frey, our love for the sea and boats runs deep. It all started in our early childhood roots, growing up in the beautiful region of Dalmatia. The sea and tradition of our forefathers have always been a part of our lives, shaping our identity and inspiring us to always be creative and authentic. They taught us that the sea is more than just a passion, it’s a way of life.

Tradition Since 2006

Our Dalmatian roots, tradition and the sea are endless sources for inspiration in our life and work. We are especially proud of some projects made in our last 17 years of craftsmanship.

Creativity is my passion. As a child synesthete I have always had a deep connection with colours. Today I enjoy the new challenges of my business and like to make new projects for my clients.

Vanja, creative director

Innovation always leads me through my projects. My philosophy is that there is always a way to find a solution. I don’t give up easily.

Nermin, CEO
Impressive yachts with beautiful naval architecture, a constant source of inspiration for visualising ideas of new projects.

INSPIRED BY Beautiful Yachts

Working on some impressive yachts with beautiful naval architecture, gives us a permanent source for our ideas and upcoming projects.

INSPIRED BY Passion For Authentic & Timeless Design

Giving our best to reflect the owner’s lifestyle throughout their yacht space, by creating authentic and timeless yacht upholstery.

Frey Luxury Pillows in navy blue, white, beige & red with authentic & timeless design reflecting the yacht owners lifestyle.
Black & white photo, scissors & thread reflecting passion, inspired by traditional craftsmanship & modern yacht trends.

Traditional Craftsmanship & Modern Yacht Trends

Every stitch, every little detail is a reflection of our passion towards to our hand craftsmanship.


Frey Personal Yacht Stylist, complete reupholstery project, tenders & deck furniture covers, Kusch megayacht Al Mirqab, 133m.
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