We always find a perfect concept for practical design and an ‘easy to use’ product.

Discover a world of difference


With our passion to create sundeck cushions
even the most challenging projects are realised.
Custom measured & cut Dryfast® foam give maximum comfort, dryness and protection.

Innovative projects


Bringing our preliminary sketches to life with PRACTICAL, INNOVATIVE DESIGNS, our professional team always find a perfect concept for an easy to use product fit for the clients needs.

From idea…into design

Diamond Stitching

Yacht Cushions can be completed with elegant Diamond stitching to give a stunning visual effect.
Perhaps the Seawave design suits your style more?
Sturdy clean line stitching adds to a timeless fashionable look.

Enhance your cushions with diamond stitching

Extreme Fabrics

The extreme durability of marine fabrics is our guideline. Sturdy Material from the Spradling® range is used for exterior upholstery. Durable, water resistant, easy to clean.

Durable waterproof fabric

Strong & Innovative

@Frey yacht sun-beds are secured with a strong innovative Fastmount® fixing system. Have no fear that your sundeck cushions or any yacht cushions will fly off your yacht or boat.

Your yacht cushions will never fly off your yacht

Sundeck Cushions

We design and custom measure your sunbed and flybridge cushions in the shape and size you want. Saving your yacht space the sunbed & flybridge cushions are made in very practical parts that are very easy to install and store.

Shaped to fit to your yacht

Your Cushions Are
Always Dry

We use DRYFAST® foam for your cockpit cushions and sunbeds which are professional in marine upholstery. The foam is rain prevalent so our cushions are always dry. When you store your cushions into your yacht they won’t evaporate and they won’t cause any mildew. DRYFAST® foam provides airflow better than other foams, allowing it to dry quickly, even after complete saturation. The DRYFAST® foam is anti-microbial and helps suppress microorganism growth.
Your cushions can be made in different thicknesses of 5cm, 8cm, 10cm, etc.


In addition to our yacht sundeck cushions we also offer uniquely shaped, comfortable head rests making relaxation even more pleasurable.

Bespoke headpillows

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