Sun protection in summer a 'must have' with UV protection yacht sunshades for shade and privacy on your yacht.

Protect Yourself From UV With Yacht Sunshades

Sun protection is so important in summer days therefore custom sunshades are an essential element to your boat or yacht. We can provide you shade and privacy on your cockpit, windscreen and windshield.

Sunshades will protect you from UV rays and heat. They also protect your children from nasty mosquitos.

A simple ‘must have’ on your yacht

Protect You From
Curious Eyes

With their ideal texture, yacht sunshades with mesh will protect you from curious eyes and give you privacy on your yacht.

Our choice of Serge Ferrari Soltis ’86 mesh provide you shade, air ventilation, privacy and give an elegant look. Perfect reasons for the cockpit transformation of boat canopies into protective shade.

The perfect texture and density for privacy

Yacht sunshades with Serge Ferrari Soltis mesh, perfect texture and density for protection and privacy on your yacht.
Easy to handle, practical click fastening system for your yacht sunshades. Attached with zippers or easy roll up system.

Made For You – Easy Handling & Fastening

Elegant and practical summer sunshades are
easy to set on already existing fastening systems.
Sunshades can be attached to the boat with
zippers or a roll up system. They are supported with stainless steel aluminium tubing and support straps for stability and durability.

Just a click

Roll Up Whenever
You Want

With our practical handling design you can easily open or close any part of your sunshades.
Our adjustable secure roll up system allows you to open or close any parts of sunshade to get more air circulation or privacy.

Easy Breezy!

Open or close parts of your yacht sunshades whenever you like with easy roll up system for more air circulation or privacy.
Frey Smart Storage Bag a practical way to store and protect your sunshades after use, saving yacht space.

Frey Smart Storage Bag

After the sailing season, you simply put your sunshades in a ‘storage bag´. Save your yacht space and protect your sunshades.

Saving your yacht space

Let’s Personalise Your Sunshades

Embroidery on your yacht sunshades will highlight your monogram or name of your yacht and thus personalise it.
At FREY we use professional marine UV thread so your monogram won’t fade.
Also our team will make a design in fonts just the way you like it.

Personalising your yacht sunshades with your monogram or yacht logo. Professional UV marine thread for non-fade embroidery.


Sketches by Frey help you envisage your special custom-made sundeck sunshades with practical telescopic rod system.

Yes, Shade Is Possible On Your Sundeck!

At FREY we always come up with a solution to provide functional and elegant aesthetics for sunshades on your yacht sundeck.
Sketches are always helpful for both of us.

Let’s envisage

Frey sketch to help you visualise your special custom-made sundeck sunshades with telescopic pipe system.
Functional, elegant aesthetics for your yacht sundeck area with Frey custom sunshades including telescopic support system.
Sunshade height can be easily adjusted and regulated with a Frey telescopic, stainless steel pipe support system.

Choose Your Yacht Sunshade Height

Our team produced a custom made telescopic stainless steel pipe system which allows you to regulate the height of your sundeck sunshade.
They are easy to adjust and assemble.

Innovative Frey ‘telescopic support system’

UV Fabric For Your Yacht Sundeck Sunshades

UV fabrics from the Sattler, Suntropic/Swela range are lightweight yet strong and weather tolerant.
They come in shades which will beautifully compliment to your yacht.

UV fabrics from the Sattler range are lightweight, strong, weather tolerant and perfect for your yacht sundeck sunshades.
Frey Smart Storage Bags. A practical and 'easy to use' space saving solution for storing your yacht sunshades and awnings.

Easy To Use

To complete our product range we offer convenient custom made storage bags.
The practical solution to store your yacht sunshades and awnings. Both products come each in their own bag. Ready to use or to be stored.

Safely tucked away

Storage Bags

Contact our Frey Yacht Stylists how they can help you to choose suitable colours, fabrics and the best performance for your yacht sunshades.

Frey Storage Bags come in suitable colors and fabrics, offering protection and the best performance of your yacht sunshades.