Frey premium protection bespoke yacht awnings and bimini top in bold red for Sealine T-60 with strong stainless steel frame.

Choose Premium Protection For Your Yacht

At Frey we understand how important it is for you to have beautiful and purposeful awnings during the whole year. That is why we manufacture premium and bespoke yacht awnings such as winter awnings, bimini tops with stainless steel, sprayhoods, covers and sunshades.

In the winter we protect your complete yacht and make it safe with our winter awnings. In summer we provide you shade and privacy with our bimini tops or custom sunshades.

Solid winter protection for your complete yacht with strong and durable Frey winter awnings in adaptable silver grey colour.
Transform your awning easily into a bimini with easy-to-use roll-up sides that can be adjusted for more airflow or privacy.

Easy Handling – Adjustable For You

Through constant innovation, we have developed our best performance awnings.

With our easy-to-handle design you can effortlessly transform your entire awning into a bimini. Our adjustable roll up system allows you to open or close the awning sides or sunshades for more air or privacy – just the way you want.

Saving Your Yacht Space

Taking into consideration to save your yacht space, we have developed FREY SMART STORAGE BAGS for your awnings and sunshades.

Space saving, easy-to-use Frey Smart Storage Bags in complimenting colour, protect your awnings & sunshades when not in use.
High-end, waterproof, UV protected marine fabric with warranty & care guide for durable, long life awnings for smooth sailing.

Durable & Long Life Awnings

Our awnings are waterproof and UV protected made from high-end marine fabrics. Our warranty and care and cleaning education provide you with durable and long life awnings.

Have and idea for your sprayhood, bimini top or yacht sunshades? 

Share it with us and we will find you a perfectly practical concept.