Enhance your yacht’s comfort with our premium yacht bed linen and mattresses, crafted for luxurious relaxation at sea. Made from the finest materials, our linens offer softness and durability, while our custom mattresses ensure optimal support for a restful sleep. Elevate your onboard experience with our exquisite yacht bedding essentials.

Yacht Mattresses
In Any Size & Shape

Sleep is a vital part of our everyday life.
You can choose a mattress made from latex or foam, similar to what you might have at home.

The most important factor is that the mattress should be comfortable enough for you because after all, a good nights rest is absolutely priceless.

Hand touching additional, extra comfort, protective layer, for bespoke anti-allergic yacht mattress.

Our Yacht Mattresses

…are made with quality materials and have an additional extra comfort & protective layer.

Say Goodbye To Allergy With Bespoke Anti-Allergic Mattresses

On Your Yacht?


They are extremely comfortable
for your spine
& back

You deserve the best mattress on your yacht that is extremely comfortable for your spine and back, for a good nights sleep.


They have removable & washable covers

The best custom-made mattresses for your yacht cabin come with easy to remove, washable covers for longer mattress protection.


They are anti-allergic & antibacterial

A high quality, anti-allergic and antibacterial yacht mattress with sea wave pattern, ensuring good sleep for your child. 


They are breathable, resistant to dust & mites

The best bespoke yacht mattresses that are comfortable and just as important are breathable and resistant to dust and mites.


SAY NO moisture with Additional AirMesh protect

The best yacht mattresses where you do not need to worry about moisture in your mattress with additional AirMesh protect.
Bring the comfort of your home to your yacht with custom-made mattresses and bespoke bedlinen for a cosy yacht suite.

Bring The Comfort Of Your Home
To Your Yacht

Yacht Bed Linen Tailored To Your Mattress Shape

Luxurious custom made bed linen is a perfect addition to your yacht bedroom cabin. Offering cool comfort during the hot summer months and warmth during the cold winter season.

Easily mixed and matched with cushions, throws and blankets for a perfect, snug nights sleep adding a ‘homely feel’ to
your yacht bedroom interior.

Sink into comfort

Luxurious bespoke, embroidered yacht bed linen in white & blue stripes, tailored to your mattress shape for all year comfort.
Pure and soft, natural cotton sheets or light-weight satin sheets will both keep you cool while sailing during the summer.

Make It Personal

Create your yacht bed linen with a monogram or
unique embroidery design.

Our stylist can help you choose the best design for your bedlinen.

Pure and soft, natural cotton sheets or light-weight satin sheet sets will both keep you cool while sailing during the summer.

Cotton Or Satin?

There are certain factors to consider when choosing satin or cotton sheets for your yacht.

Cotton is always good choice. It is a pure, soft, natural and keeps you cool in the summer

If you like more light-weight sheets in the summer then is satin is a great choice for you.

available colours

Choose Your Design

Select bed linen sets to suit your taste and your yacht style. Beautiful bed linen sets are bespoke and available in nautical motifs. They are soft and snug, made from the highest quality cotton
and satin.

Pick your nautical motif

Cotton bed linen in nautical motifs such as thick and thin blue and white stripes are perfect for your yacht cabin interior.
Nautical Stripes
Quality, bespoke yacht bed linen in cotton or satin, available in nautical motifs you can mix and match to suit your taste.