Bespoke handcrafted yacht interior curtains in ivory colour, protect your interior from sun exposure and give you privacy.

Bespoke Yacht Interior Curtains

Since aesthetics are important, your yacht curtains should also protect your yacht interior from constant sun exposure, heating and give you privacy.

Our team can design and handcraft your yacht curtains and install a complete aluminium rail track system.

Individual sketch of yacht interior curtains designed to accentuate textures, wood-finishes and colours in your interior.

Choose Your Yacht Curtain Style

Your yacht interior curtains should
reflect shades and textures of other textiles in your yacht interior, usually with the yacht upholstery and wood furnishings you have.

Set Your Tone

Choose a balance of light and shade in your yacht interior. If you want a timeless look and ‘open’ feel, the best fabric colour for your yacht curtains is white or beige.
These colours are a perfect choice from the range of pastel shades.

The best fabric colour for yacht interior curtains for a timeless and open look is the colour white or beige.

Durable Curtains
For Many Years

We use Sunbrella® and FR-One® fabrics for manufacturing curtains for windows.
These fabrics are UV protected and stain resistant, durable and flame retardant, so you will have no worries for many years.
They come in a wide variety of choice fabrics such as Natte, Velum etc.

UV / water repellent
& flame retardant fabrics.

Frey sketch of an aluminium track solution for yacht interior curtain track system that will not corrode or rust while sailing.

Aluminium Track – The Ultimate Option For Your Yacht Curtain System

The best solution for your yacht curtain track system. Because of water and sailing conditions they will never corrode.

Personalised yacht curtain holders with unique gold or silver nautical buttons to authentically stylise your yacht upholstery.

Personalise Your
Curtain Holders

We always like to stylise your yacht upholstery in an authentic way.
To achieve a special look in your yacht interior you can choose unique nautical buttons in gold or silver colour.

Lets talk about your curtains

Stylish, ivory curtains, handcrafted with a nautical button detail, instantly updates and adds class to your yacht interior.