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Functional protective sunshades for the Jeanneau Prestige 500

Although Prestige yacht has excellent performance, there is always need for custom made products. Our client, the owner of the luxurious Jeanneau Prestige 500, has decided this summer to turn his back on the Summer heat and has decided on custom protective sun shades.

Serge Ferrari Soltis ’86 for easy transformation of the cockpit space

Our choice is Serge Ferrari Soltis ’86 mesh. Shadow, air ventilation, privacy and aesthetic are perfect reasons for cockpit transformation of boat canopies into protective shade.

Jeanneau Prestige 500 LASA with new grey protective shades made with Serge Ferrari Soltis mesh. Crafted & installed by Frey.

The design of the boat’s shades has been adapted to the already existing mechanism on the cockpit, so installation and usage are very simple and fast. Depending on the needs, it is easy to roll it up or down and create an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ cockpit space on Prestige 500.

Team Frey installing new functional sunshades on flybridge of Prestige 500. High quality sun protection with easy open access.

Functional shades for flybridge Prestige 500

Bimini awning is not enough for sun protection because the flybridge space was open on all sides. For full enjoyment on flybridge, there was a need for high-quality sun protection.

The solution was Sunbrella Plus – acrylic fabric and functional shade design – two protective sides that can be easily open or closed in order to achieve shadow.

Sunbrella Plus canopies on yacht Prestige 500

Lateral sides are very practical because the outdoor space stays open. With their shifting, you can create shade quickly and easily so the entire flybridge space of Prestige 500 is protected from sun and UV rays.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some sun protection and privacy 🙂

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