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Read About Us In The Prestigious Croatia Yachts Magazine

Discover what this prestigious yacht lifestyle magazine has to say about us @Frey

The last two years have been challenging yet exciting times @Frey. The pandemic has forced us to be ever so creative. We completed a great project on Lürssen’s 133m mega yacht and developed our new brand Frey Casa.

Enjoy reading about us in Yachts Croatia Magazine.
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Stylish Covers for Minotti Chairs @ Sanlorenzo superyacht

This beautiful 44-metre Sanlorenzo motor yacht Aleksandar VII needed premium UV resistant covers for aft deck armchairs for luxury Minotti armchairs..

The Captain of Aleksandar S/Y arranged our Frey team to manufacture bespoke covers for stylish Minotti armchairs

This beautiful 44-metre Sanlorenzo motor yacht Aleksandar VII  needed premium UV resistant covers for aft deck armchairs.

This beauty is what is hiding under the Frey custom made chair covers.

Beautiful Minotti Rivera. This beauty needed additional #stylish covers to be safeguarded all year round @ Sanlorenzo.

Perfectly Made To Fit With FREY Smart Storage Bag

Very easy to handle with an easy to use zipper.

Now Sanlorenzo Minotti armchairs will forever keep the ‘brand new’ look with FREY protective covers.

A little Frey tour of the Minotti Rivera armchair assembly on S/Y Sanlorenzo Aleksandar VII!

See the gallery

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A Frey Idea For Your Yacht Interior

Every yacht interior is special, but it can become even more special. We have the perfect idea for styling your yacht interior and we are sure you’re going to love it!

The Idea Through A Case Study: Stylish Yacht Interior In Damor Fjera 980

The Frey Makeover For Your Yacht Interior

What do you get when you add the ‘little’ things and ‘tiny’ details? You get something that is just yours. You get another dimension. You feel the ‘WOW’ factor. See the difference for yourselves…

Interior Yacht Curtains For A Whole New Dimension Look

It doesn’t have to be something big to achieve a whole new dimension. It can be the ‘little’ things like adding new curtains, bringing out the right details such as anchor buttons or matching the curtains with the right accessories.

Nautical Tablecloths With The ‘Simply Gorgeous’ Factor

Details such as adding nautical blue and white tablecloths (because stripes are always in :)) for the yacht exterior refit, matching them with the right tones and elegant accessories such as Frey Luxury Pillows are surely a delightful little surprise.

Personalised Accessories That Bring Magical Auroa To Your Yacht

Of course, Frey Luxury Pillows play their part in this project – they add style, elegance and personality. We can do the same for your yacht interior!

We wanted this yacht interior not to be ‘just’ a yacht interior.

We envisaged it from a fresh, new and different perspective.

Vanja, owner of Frey
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If you ever dream to be Bond. James Bond!

When the owner of the Tornado 38 power boat and his architect friend have an adventurous idea to renovate an old boat for luxury rental on the island of Hvar it was an exciting challenge for team FREY..

TORNADO 38 power boat

The idea for refitting the Tornado 38 was born when two good friends; naval architect Ivan Filipović and owner Dujo Marić decided to arrange Frey for this interesting project. This almost old timer boat needed to be refit into a modern and stylish power speed boat for private tours on Hvar.

Sunbathing cushion in the shape of a compass rose

Even Bond would love this! The biggest challenge was to craft this really stylish and modern cushion which was made from the original idea of naval architect Ivan Filipović. But we did it!

Shade for sailing in Hvar

While Ivan and Dujo checked out the new sunbed, our Frey team installed the cushions.

For those who don’t like sunbathing much

A bimini top in a grey colour is an excellent combination with the white. The performance of this bimini was made to cover the large area of the cockpit. Perfect for those who love to be in the shade.

Ready for new adventures in the new Tornado

Relax and sink back into the stylish and comfortable seating manufactured by FREY. A perfect combination for exploring the beautiful scenic views along the Adriatic in good company.
Such a comfortable and breathtaking experience that you won’t want to come back to shore!

Become part of the adventure through our little gallery of Tornado events!

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Lady A gets a very detailed yacht outfitting

Every charter group needs a luxury yacht and every luxury yacht needs luxury outfitting. Solorum Yachts has a luxury yacht – the stunning Lady A, a Jeanneau Leader 36, and all that was remained to do was the luxury outfitting. That’s where Frey came in adding appealing details.

Personalizing Lady A

In this project, personalization of Lady A was key, even for the yacht awning that we made from Sunbrella fabrics. We carefully embroidered the name of the beautiful yacht on the awning, taking care of the tiniest details.

Of course, we also had to think about onboard safety when fastening the awning. Click on the picture below to check out in our previous blog why we chose Perfix fastener system.

Every detail matters

Talking about the tiniest details, we even managed to create and manufacture protective covers for the yacht windscreen wipers. We had to think about everything 🙂

Summer & Winter Yacht shades

And since we were thinking of everything, we used Serge Ferrari ’86 mesh, a material perfect for air-ventilating yacht sunshades that provide freshness while sailing during the hottest Summer days. Frey manufactured sunshades guarantee a cooling time for every passenger 😀

We also manufactured winter shades that can be practically stored during Summer in our storage bags, yet another personalized item that Frey has made and embroidered for Lady A.

Final touch with yacht staging

Doing these kinds of jobs, we always ask ourselves the same question – what would a luxury yacht be without Frey yacht staging?

It would be a yacht without the final Frey touch ;). And Frey luxury pillows and custom-made tablecloths sure do always give that needed final touch to any yacht decor, don’t they? With this, we finished the complete detailing for the now newly personalized and unique Lady A 😉

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Frey In Slano – A Beneteau Oceanis 45 Project

The boys from the Frey team were lucky enough to make three wonderful visits to Slano, a beautiful coastal village located 27 kilometers northwest of Dubrovnik for our latest project.

Bimini Top & Sprayhood For Beneteau Oceanis 45

To introduce you to the story – we were contacted by a charter group ”Simple Sail” to manufacture a bimini top and a sprayhood for their sailing boat Beneteau Oceanis 45, located in ACI Marina ”Veljko Barbieri” in Slano. They needed the products to be made and installed as soon as possible as the sailing season was nearing. We were certainly up for the challenge 😉

Image: ACI Marina ”Veljko Barbieri”, Slano. Source: http://www.aci-marinas.com/

3 Trips – Measurement, Templates & Installation

After the first two trips to Slano where the boys took the meausrements on the Beneteau Oceanis 45 and made the templates for the job, the third trip was reserved for the actual installation of the bimini top and sprayhood which we manufactured in a short period of time in order to match the deadline of our clients.

Image: The boys from Frey taking templates

Sunbrella Fabric For Aesthetics & Performance

Like every other project, we took this one with maximum importance, looking out for every detail. The aesthetic appeal, including every curve and every stitch, had our fullest attention. The beige Sunbrella acrylic fabric, that we used for both the bimini top and sprayhood, ensured high-quality performance, such as UV protection, fade resistance and water repellency.

Happy Sailing On Oceanis 45

As you can assume, the cooperation with ‘Simple Sail’ and their lovely personnel was an absolute pleasure. Both sides were happy with the final result. Frey wishes happy sailing to the future passengers of this Beneteau Oceanis 45 sailing boat 😀

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Functional protective sunshades for the Jeanneau Prestige 500

Although Prestige yacht has excellent performance, there is always need for custom made products. Our client, the owner of the luxurious Jeanneau Prestige 500, has decided this summer to turn his back on the Summer heat and has decided on custom protective sun shades.

Serge Ferrari Soltis ’86 for easy transformation of the cockpit space

Our choice is Serge Ferrari Soltis ’86 mesh. Shadow, air ventilation, privacy and aesthetic are perfect reasons for cockpit transformation of boat canopies into protective shade.

Jeanneau Prestige 500 with new protective shades

The design of the boat’s shades has been adapted to the already existing mechanism on the cockpit, so installation and usage are very simple and fast. Depending on the needs, it is easy to roll it up or down and create an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ cockpit space on Prestige 500.

Protective shades on Jeanneau Prestige 500

Functional shades for flybridge Prestige 500

Bimini awning is not enough for sun protection because the flybridge space was open on all sides. For full enjoyment on flybridge, there was a need for high-quality sun protection.

The solution was Sunbrella Plus – acrylic fabric and functional shade design – two protective sides that can be easily open or closed in order to achieve shadow.

Sunbrella Plus canopies on yacht Prestige 500

Lateral sides are very practical because the outdoor space stays open. With their shifting, you can create shade quickly and easily so the entire flybridge space of Prestige 500 is protected from sun and UV rays.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some sun protection and privacy 🙂

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How to prepare your boat for winter

1. Clean, dry and store your boat cushions Before storing all the boat cushions, it is necessary to clean and dry them well. The large surfaces of your sundeck should be cleaned with a mild soap. You should avoid abrasive and aggressive detergents in order to avoid damaging of the impregnation coating of water-repellent fabrics […]

1. Clean, dry and store your boat cushions

Before storing all the boat cushions, it is necessary to clean and dry them well. The large surfaces of your sundeck should be cleaned with a mild soap. You should avoid abrasive and aggressive detergents in order to avoid damaging of the impregnation coating of water-repellent fabrics such as Spradling Silvertex or Sunbrella Cushions. It is important to dry them well before the storage them to evade mildew during the winter when the boat’s space is closed and exposed to high humidity.

Clean, dry and store your boat cushions

2.Properly store your bimini, sprayhood or cockpit awnings

Summer canopies have to be carefully cleaned, stored and protected from mold the same as cushions: clean the stains with a soft sponge, water and mild soap or detergent without chemicals. If your awning have vinyl boat windows clean it with water only.

Clean the stains from conopies with a soft sponge, water and mild soap

In the video see how to clean salt residue stains:

Air dry the awning cover and roll it properly in order to save vinyl boat windows.

Vinyl boat windows - roll it properly

3. Fully protect the entire boat

The best option for protecting the boat is definitely winter awning. Winter cover which is custom designed with fabrics from renowned manufacturers will really protect your boat from winter conditions.  All of the characteristics of the winter cover you can read here.

Winter cover for fully boat protection

Contact us from 5th October to 8th October and take your 15 % off discount for custom winter cover. Hurry up and don’t miss a chance 🙂

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How Lagoon 52 yacht became a star – The Adriatic Star

I am sure that every yacht owner wants their yacht to be highly recognizable; to trigger enthusiasm; to leave a remarkable first and last impression. That’s exactly what ”More Charter” wanted for their Lagoon 52. That’s where Frey comes in 🙂

Image source: https://www.cata-lagoon.com/en/52-f

The idea – to give Lagoon 52 some personality

Our idea was to give the impressive Catamaran some personality. We wanted people to know about this yacht, for them to talk about their experience on the yacht as passengers and to spread the word around to their family and friends, to potential passengers. We wanted this Lagoon 52 to  ”justify its name” – The Adriatic Star, and to be known by it.                                                             

To achieve that, a complete ”makeover” of the exterior cockpit area was necessary. Straight away we had a vision that it was a must to use turquoise blue and grey tones. One thing lead to another and we had manufactured grey cushions for the cockpit dining seats and deck sunbed.

Luxury pillows for yacht decor

As you can see in the photographs, we used turquoise blue details such as Luxury Pillows from the Royal Ocean Collection for yacht decor to break the neutrality of the grey, also adding beige tones to create a softer transition between the two colours. The embroidered monograms on the pillows give an additional note of personality to The Adriatic Star.

Decorative details create yacht staging

Another great element to impress the future passengers are decorative details. Either than pillows, for a complete luxurious yacht staging of the exterior, other details were implemented such as customized tablecloths and fresh flowers and fruit 🙂

Today, The Adriatic Star experience is a must for every sailing enthusiast. We wanted it to justify its name and it sure did… it’s the star of the Adriatic Sea 😉

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Interior Cushion Refit on Bavaria 44 for a Pleasurable Sailing Season

A family sailing holiday lasting the whole Summer – does it get any better than that? We have met such a family who planned to sail the Adriatic Coast in their Bavaria 44 sailing boat for a couple of months.

IMAGE SOURCE: https://www.croatia-yacht-rent.com/en/

Boat cushion reupholstery for comfortable sailing

It was a big family, and when I say big, I mean REALLY BIG! You can then imagine how crowded things can get down in the sailing boat cabin, but there was a solution even for that – to make it as comfortable as possible in order to achieve a pleasant stay. Therefore, Frey started a new project of an interior boat cushion reupholstery for the seating to reach the wanted amount of comfort.

Aqua Clean – Easy-to-clean

Either than comfort, it is also important to pay attention to functional details when manufacturing boat cushions. No matter how careful a person can be, when a larger group of individuals is in a smaller space, making a mess is inevitable, especially when children are onboard. That is why we chose Aqua Clean Technology for this project because the fabric is extremely easy to clean. All you need is a cloth, a drop of water and a touch of soap. Click the picture below and see for yourself

Cushion colour & yacht decor

It was easy to agree with the owners regarding the colour of the boat cushions. We created a contrast between the teak and cushions to highlight the beautiful, strong teak and to bring out the elegance of the grey-toned boat cushions.

We also added decorative pillows from Frey Luxury. The shades of dark green from the Around the Cape Horn pillow collection go beautifully with the boat cushions, creating a minimalistic but highly effective yacht decor.

Happy sailing to the lovely family!

We achieved what we wanted at the beginning of this boat cushion refit project – a comfortable and easy-to-clean space – in order to provide this lovely family a very pleasurable sailing season. Of course, creating new memories and a lot of laughs will also help 🙂

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Bavaria 55 Cruiser – Complete Reupholstery and Refit

Find out how the owner of this Bavaria 55 Cruiser sailing boat wanted to surprise his daughter with a complete boat reupholstery and refit.

When the owner of San Nicola, a glorious Bavaria 55 Cruiser, arrived at our office with his child and said: „I need to make this sailing boat the very best for my little princess“, the whole Frey team took the mission very seriously and placed it as top priority. The mission was to create the safest and most comfortable place where the little princess and her friends would enjoy their Summer holidays.

Bimini & Sprayhood with high UV Protection

As we mentioned many times before, the Sun is very dangerous on the Adriatic Coast during Summer, especially for children. Therefore, it was neccessary to produce a bimini top of the best quality material. There was no other choice than to choose Sunbrella fabrics – a fabric that provides UV protection and can stand temperatures up to 70 degrees.

As we chose a beige colour for the Bimini top to match the teak deck, it was logical to also choose the same colour for the sprayhood, for which we used Spradling Vinyl (which is also resistant to various weather conditions) for the handrail.

Cockpit Cushions Challenge

The next challenge was the cockpit cushions. We wanted to make them as comfortable as possible when the kids sit on them, but also aesthetically apealling. To do that we had to make cushions that precisely follow the lines of the boat. Challenge accepted… and challenge complete! 🙂

Surprise for The Little Princess

When it was time, we brought the little princess to the sailing boat. We made a huge surprise. Her reaction was priceless when she saw the new bimini, sprayhood and cushions and that meant the world to us.

A little something for yacht decor and napping

Of course, we couldn’t leave such a boat without a touch of personality so we made customized Frey luxury pillows embroidering the name ”San Nicola”. They’re perfect for yacht decor, and more important, because of their softness, suitable for kid’s naps after a long day of sailing and swimming 🙂 

Click here to find out more about Frey Luxury Pillows and the decorating process on San Nicola, and you yourself just might get inspired…

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Stylish Reupholstery For Apreamare 54 Yacht

See how this Luxury Yacht Apreamare 54 has been put through a complete stylish reupholstery of the yacht exterior.

After he contacted Frey, our team headed to Marina Šangulin where the yacht is located to see what could be done. After a brief but productive consulting session we came up with the best possible visual and performance solutions, satisfying both the Aprea owner’s needs and desires.

Apreamare 54 with new & white sunbed cushions

Our great project started with refitting the sunbed yacht cushions. Water-repellent and fade resistant material was neccessary for the cushions that we manufactured considering their purpose. Since the deck of teak wood was of a darker shade, we wanted to create a contrast to bring more ”life” and freshness to the yacht’s bow. The new white Yacht sunbed of marine vinyl did exactly that.

The sunbed cushions weren’t the only novelty on Apreamare’s bow. To match with the white sunbed, we made matching white cushions for the deck seating.

Stylish  beige colour for the cockpit of Apreamare 54

Sailing in the Adriatic Sea during summer can be very hot and the Sun can be dangerous. Our next challenge was to create an elegant, but safe cockpit sun shade design, that will protect the future passengers in the cockpit area from UV rays. The result is this sun shade made out of Serge Ferrari Soltis ’86 mesh fabric, allowing the air to freely circulate through the cockpit area, cooling the people inside.

Not only did we manufacture a sunshade, we also installed an awning, giving the owner two options for his Apreamare yacht. Unlike the previous blue colour of the old awning, the new beige colour contributed with a touch of elegance, just what Apreamare 54 needed.

Navy Admiral pillows for Apreamare 

After the tough work, it was time to implement this luxury yacht with special decorative details and the final Frey touch. There is no better way to do that than with the Navy Admiral Pillow Collection from Frey Luxury.

Our decorative pillows fulfilled the yacht’s interior and exterior with comfort and softness.

To conclude, the whole Frey team had a wonderful time working on this magnificent Yacht and it is a pleasure that we were a part of this project 🙂 

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Perfix Fastener System – For Onboard Safety

I believe that you have been in doubt at least once when choosing the right Fastening system for your boat awnings.

I recommend that you make the decision for the adequate Fastening system based on the information who will be onboard the boat. Whether they are children or elderly people, or it’s a charter group or just an individual – everyone must be safe on a boat.

CASE STUDY: The Adequate Fastener for Onboard Safety

Why choose the right Fastener system, I will show you through this example of one of our major projects when we manufactured boat awnings and shades for a Jeanneau Leader 36 yacht. We are talking about the astonishing  Lady A. She is a day-sailing tour yacht intended for daily trips. This means that every day a new group of people, including children enter and sail on the boat that they are not familiar with.

As we worked on the awnings, we felt a great obligation to recommend the Perfix fastening system for the awnings because it’s safe and will prevent any possible injuries of Lady A’s future passengers, especially children. Click the picture below to view the video.

Why Perfix?

Not only does the Perfix system prevent injury, it is also very easy to use. By gently pressing the two fixing points together, a strong grip is secured that can endure force up to 500N. And with just a simple push of the cap, it is easily released. Even with wet and cold hands.

Video by Perfix

Practical & Easy Handling

If you’re worried how to replace your old fasteners and montage Perfix  – don’t be. Our worker removed the old fasteners with the appropriate tool quickly and easily assembled the Perfix system on the existing holes, both on deck and awning. Simple!

Either than the superb technical performances, we found that the Perfix system also provides great aesthetic solutions as they come in several colour combinations. They matched perfectly with Lady A’s boat awnings and deck.

To conclude, the Perfix system is ideal for where safety, comfort and elegance are required to fasten your yacht awnings

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Sunbed refit for Fairline Phantom 43

Every product has to be both functional and aesthetically appealing, thus contributing to the overall appearance of the yacht interior and exterior.

The owner of luxury motor yacht Fairline Phantom 43 wanted a sunbed refit that would make his boat more attractive.

During a pleasant briefing with the owner, we agreed – as the white colour dominates on bows of most yachts, we decided to distinguish the Fairline with a beige sunbed.

Yacht sunbed refit

We chose nautical vinyl – Spradling Silvertex in beige color

New style of Phantom 43

Unlike the previous white sunbed, the new beige has brought refreshment to Phantom 43. It highlighted the yacht lines and soothed the cold white color on the bow. Just as we expected.

Yacht sunbed refit

Yacht sunbed is water-repellent and resistant to UV rays, and it beautifully shines on the Sun and reminds of a golden color.

Unique yacht decor for the new sunbed

When you want to emphasize, unique pillows are absolutely necessary. They are both eye-catching decor on a sunbed and a best friend for an enjoyable resting time.

Yacht sundeb refit and unique pillows

The Fairline Phantom 43 is attractive and ready for the next nautical season. Is your boat ready?

Yacht sunbed refit

Contact us 🙂

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78 ft Elegance yacht – complete yacht reupholstery

Behind every successful yacht redesign, there is a creative team of people who truly understand the client’s lifestyle and their needs and has the ability to reflect their lifestyle through design, both in the yacht’s interior and exterior, making it personalized.

Such an interesting project proudly stands behind Frey Personal Yacht Stylist. The story began when two enthusiastic British sailors, owners of the beautiful 78 ft Elegance yacht which is located in the luxurious Marina Mandalina, Šibenik, stepped into our office.

From bow to flybridge and all the way to the cockpit

The lovely Sophie and Bob wanted a complete reupholstery on their yacht including the complete flybridge sunbed and seating, bow sunbed, and cockpit lounge seats with decorative pillows. The luxurious Elegance yacht simply needed “new life” and a touch of freshness.

The project aim was to keep the style of the existing cushions but to replace them with newer and more modern ones that will make the Elegance yacht even more attractive. After a pleasant briefing session with Sophie and Bob, we selected combinations of Sunbrella Cushions.

Always create unique

Personalization of the yacht has always presented a huge value for yacht owners and is key in every project. How the new ambiance of Elegance yacht would actually look like – we have presented to the owners through our visual concept with sketch-art.

The owners of a 78 ft long yacht, Sophie and Bob loved the future look of their exterior so it was all on the Frey team to start with the yacht upholstery refit and make the magic happen.

One thing was for sure – Elegance would look luxurious again.

Stripes are always IN

Stripes are a timeless pattern in the yachting world and eye-catching on every yacht interior or exterior.

In the process of manufacturing the boat upholstery, working with fabrics that have stripe patterns is very demanding. When semicircular seating is in question, to get a dynamic and natural look, the stripes must be aesthetically and properly positioned and adjusted to the cushion lines.

Upholstery redesign on Elegance

Avoid visual noise with right colors and patterns

When it comes to colors and patterns combination, it’s crucial to know how to combine them well in order not to create a visual noise.

The clean gray sundeck creates a beautiful contrast with the white which is dominant on the whole flybridge.

Flybridge redesign on Elegance yacht

Perfect dynamic on the yacht bow

On the yacht bow, the combination of gray and stripes bring perfect dynamic. Gray highlights the lines of the sunbed, while the stripes bring a dose of energy that are very inviting for a pleasant morning sunbathing session.

Bow sundeck refit on Elegance yacht

Stylish seats in cockpit lounge

For the complete Elegance exterior makeover, we also designed, created and done the refit of the lounge cockpit seating area.

Cockpit lounge seats on Elegance yacht

Luxury pillows for luxurious Elegance

After we finished with the complete reupholstery, it was time to implement this luxury yacht with special decorative details and the final Frey touch which adds more personality. There is no better way to do that than with customized Frey Luxury Pillows.

Our decorative pillows fulfilled the yacht’s interior and exterior with comfort and softness.

Frey luxury pillows - yacht decor

We are sure Sophie and Bob enjoy their new & fresh Elegance styling.

Their new address will surely be – the endless sea 😀

P.S. Follow the link, discover and get inspired how you can stylishly refit your yacht with Frey Boat Cushions.

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Elegant and practical design of boat sunbed

Boat space is always in demand, so our loyal client also has decided for the new space extension. In order to transform part of his Jeanneau Mary Fisherman into a relaxing sunbathing area – we have set off together in our project.

Mission – to create a simple and practical sunbed design

During the process of every sundeck cushion manufacturing, the choice of sponge is unquestionable – water-permeable sponge that we have already written in our blogs before. A specially designed sponge with a shell structure is made of polyurethane base and as such allows complete drainage of water making so it is ideal for outdoor application. Of course this sponge was ideal for Merry Fisherman.

Timeless nautical fabrics are always IN

To meet the aesthetic part of the sundeck we decided to dress it in white Spradling Silvertex nautical vinyl. Sundeck cushions made like this are water-repellent, UV-resistant, mold resistant, and even mildew resistant. The most important thing is that it is very easy to maintain and clean from sunscreen marks which is extremely important for the nautical lifestyle.

Personalize your boat

White in the nautical world is always an appealing choice, but complementing the white Silvertex with embroidery in golden shade with boat name –  means to be distinguished from the others. We like it!

Storage in 3 easy steps

The sundeck is lightweight and is designed to be easily stored in the boat’s space after use.

Nadica sails carefree on the Adriatic sea…

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