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Lady A gets a very detailed yacht outfitting

Every charter group needs a luxury yacht and every luxury yacht needs luxury outfitting. Solorum Yachts has a luxury yacht – the stunning Lady A, a Jeanneau Leader 36, and all that was remained to do was the luxury outfitting. That’s where Frey came in adding appealing details.

Personalizing Lady A

In this project, personalization of Lady A was key, even for the yacht awning that we made from Sunbrella fabrics. We carefully embroidered the name of the beautiful yacht on the awning, taking care of the tiniest details.

Personalising Lady A with special embroidery on complimenting blue fabric on white yacht awning made with Sunbrella fabric.

Of course, we also had to think about onboard safety when fastening the awning. Click on the picture below to check out in our previous blog why we chose Perfix fastener system.

Every detail matters

Talking about the tiniest details, we even managed to create and manufacture protective covers for the yacht windscreen wipers. We had to think about everything 🙂

 Attention to details. Frey create & manufacture grey protective covers in premium marine fabric for yacht windshield wipers.

Summer & Winter Yacht shades

And since we were thinking of everything, we used Serge Ferrari ’86 mesh, a material perfect for air-ventilating yacht sunshades that provide freshness while sailing during the hottest Summer days. Frey manufactured sunshades guarantee a cooling time for every passenger 😀

We also manufactured winter shades that can be practically stored during Summer in our storage bags, yet another personalized item that Frey has made and embroidered for Lady A.

Personalising Lady A with new summer and winter yacht shades and windshield wiper covers. Easily stored in Frey Smart Storage Bag. Yacht staging and special embroidered frey decor add a specail touch.

Final touch with yacht staging

Doing these kinds of jobs, we always ask ourselves the same question – what would a luxury yacht be without Frey yacht staging?

It would be a yacht without the final Frey touch ;). And Frey luxury pillows and custom-made tablecloths sure do always give that needed final touch to any yacht decor, don’t they? With this, we finished the complete detailing for the now newly personalized and unique Lady A 😉

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