Frey premium custom made, quality protective covers for deck furniture on the Kusch megayacht Al Mirqab.

Premium protective covers with aesthetic performance for superyacht deck furniture.


We know that mega yachts need premium solutions to protect yacht furniture on decks given the marine conditions prevailing in navigation and given the possible consequences that can result from inadequate protection.

We came up with a lightweight yet strong solution that had to satisfy the aesthetic form, easy handling design and have an excellent safety solution for the covers, especially from wind gusts.

Protective covers for superyacht deck furniture that offer excellent safety and protection against strong wind gusts. 
Premium, lightweight protection covers for furniture on superyacht decks. Protection against rain and strong wind gusts. 


Protection covers for superyacht deck furniture with a soft interior and strong water repellant and scratch-proof exterior.

So Soft Inside,
So Strong Outside

We know how mega yachts need ultimate protection with protective covers for superyacht deck furniture, so that is why we use specialised outdoor fabric for the most aggressive of marine conditions.

Scratch-proof fabric.

Taking patterns for perfect fit superyacht furniture deck table covers. Handcrafted by Frey, with the highest precision.

Protective covers made with the highest precision.

Our Strong Fastening System

Is resistant to the strongest of winds

At Frey, we found innovative, individual solutions for specific covers for tables and bars on all decks.

This strong performance fastening will safeguard all deck furniture against wind, rain and sun.

Strong performance, fastening system, safeguard deck tables and bars against wind, rain and sun on superyachts and megayachts.


Kusch megayacht protective deck furniture covers by Frey Personal Yacht Stylist.

Premium protective covers for superyacht deck furniture. Lighweight, strong, stylish protection for deck tables and bars.

Frey Personal Yacht Stylist offers a strong, easy to use, fixing system for megayacht all deck furniture protection covers.

Perfect fit protective deck table and bar covers. Ultimate, quality protection on your megayacht against strong wind and rain.

Tailor-made, perfect fit, megayacht deck furniture covers are scratch proof, soft, pliable and easy to maintain and clean.

Custom protective covers for megayacht aft deck buffet bar with embroidery and a personalised signalising system. 

Installing lightweight, strong, protective covers for tables on superyacht decks. Protect furniture coatings and fading.

Protective covers for superyacht aft deck furniture are anti-bacterial, mildew resistant, scratch proof and are UV resistant.

Perfect fit premium protection rain covers made and installed by Frey. Perfect deck furniture covers on Kusch megayacht. 

Team Frey taking precise measurements for deck bar premium protection covers on aft area of megayacht Kusch.

Frey Personal Yacht Stylist team taking precise measurements for premium protective covers for deck bars on superyacht Kusch.

Premium solution covers and aesthetic form to protect megayacht furniture against marine conditions prevailing in navigation.

UV protective covers prevent deck furniture from weather damage, fading, are tear resistant, waterproof and breathable.

Tailor made protective covers by Frey will prevent harsh sun damage and assure longer life deck furniture on superyachts.

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