New performance, quality awnings plus adjustable cockpit & sundeck sunshades by Frey. Privacy & shade for Prestige 460S yacht.


More shade for Prestige 460S yacht, Camilla II, 14.29m, with new performance cockpit awning complimenting white exterior.

Project: New cockpit awning with cockpit sunshades and steel pipes
– new sunshades for sunbath with telescopic steel pipes

Yacht name: PRESTIGE 460S – Camilla II
Length: 14.29 m
Main goal: To achieve more privacy with sunshades and with new performance boat awnings.
Duration: 30 days
Frey participants: Vanja, Nerko, Mariela (Design)
Ante, Dino, Daniela & Kristina (Production & Assembly)
Materials used: Sunbrella Plus black, Sattler Suntropic/Sweller range
Location: Marina Oliva, Island Ugljan, Croatia

PRESTIGE 460S Becomes
A Real Prestige

The PRESTIGE 460S luxurious cruiser has an enhanced exterior space including a large
sun deck area. Owners of this Prestige needed
cockpit awning but also provided a protected living space by manufacturing sunshades for protection from the sun and for added privacy.

Frey visualisation for sunshades over large sun deck area & protection awnings for Prestige 460S luxurious cruiser.
Frey idea for easy to assemble, functional sunbathing sunshades with practical design for shade over sundeck sunbathing area.

Functional Sunbathing Sunshades

Our idea was to make a product for the sunbath which is easily assembled and has
a practical design.


Telescopic Pipe System (6 Pieces)

Visualisation by Frey for a six piece telescopic pipe system for sunshades over sunbathing area on the Prestige 460S yacht.

Yacht Sunshades

Frey visualisation for new adjustable telescopic pipe system, for sunshades over sundeck area, on the Prestige 460S yacht.
Frey innovative, sturdy, custom telescopic stainless steel pipes, regulate sunshade height over sundeck on the PRESTIGE 460S.

Simple To Adjust Height
Of Your Sunshades

Frey came up with a sturdy design solution for custom made telescopic stainless steel pipes that regulate the height of sunshades on the sunbath of the PRESTIGE 460S.

The owners of Prestige can simply regulate the height of the sun shades depending on the position of the sun. They can relax on the sunbathing cushions under the shade.

Work Process

An additional strong, quick to mount fastening system for Prestige 460S, summer sunbath sunshade, by Frey.

Additional Security For Stronger Summer Winds

Functional sunshades which are easily and quickly mounted help you keep cool during the summer months. We take into consideration additional security for sunbath sunshades so we invented an additional fastening system. With a few extra ropes the owner of Prestige has a solution to fix this sunbath sunshade. This will be useful especially during strong summer winds.
The whole system is easy to handle.

Prestige 460S, white summer sunshade over sunbed with adjustable telescopic pipes, is perfect for keeping cool during summer.

Storage Bag For Sunbath Sunshades

This is our Frey smart practical solution for storing sunshades when not in use. A great way to save the sunshades and save yacht space.

Smart storage

Space saving, Frey Smart Storage Bag in white colour, is a practical solution for storing yacht sunshades when not in use.

NEW Cockpit Awning For Prestige

Black performance cockpit awning with stainless steel pipe construction for Prestige 460S, with no additional support pipes.

New Performance For – PRESTIGE 460S

The owner of the PRESTIGE 460S yacht wanted
to replace the original cockpit awning with a
stainless steel pipe cockpit awning.
Our idea was to offer a solution for the stainless
steel construction of the awning in such a way that there is no additional stainless steel
support pipes.

Sunbrella Plus in black colour for the cockpit awning on his Prestige 460S. Waterproof, UV, mould and abrasion resistant.

Under The Black Is Good

The owner chose Sunbrella Plus in a black colour for the cockpit awning on his Prestige 460S.
As the cockpit is an important space on every yacht or boat, it was important to choose a marine fabric that has properties for all weather conditions; waterproof, UV resistant, abrasion and mould resistant. This part of the awning will equally protect the cockpit in summer and winter.

Sunbrella Plus marine fabric for cockpit awning on Prestige 460S. Durable fabric with properties for all weather conditions.
Open cockpit space for Prestige 450S, Camilla II. Aesthetically appealing functional awning with no additional support pipes.

Cockpit Space Is NOW Much More Open

The performance of such a cockpit awning was the best aesthetic and functional solution for the Prestige. Without additional support stainless steel pipes, the entire cockpit space is
much more open.

Cockpit Sunshades

Easily Transformed Cockpit Space Into Summer Oasis

Since the entire cockpit of the awning is very strong, we simply upgraded the cockpit sunshades and the possibility of closing the entire cockpit with all sides with a YKK shutter system.

Our choice of Serge Ferrari Soltis ’86 mesh offers shade, air ventilation, privacy and aesthetics. Perfect reasons for the cockpit transformation of boat canopies into protective shade.

Privacy and shade

Transform cockpit space with black sunshades in Serge Ferrari Soltis '86 mesh, perfect for shade, ventillation & privacy.


Simple Fastening

Just a click

Elegant and practical summer sunshades are easily set on existing fastening systems. Sunshades can be attached to the boat with zippers or use a roll up system. They are supported with stainless steel aluminium pipes and support straps for stability and durability.
Afterwards, you simply put them in a ‘storage bag’, another smart way of saving space.

Practical Serge Ferrari Soltis mesh, sunshades & support straps, easily set on existing fastening systems with just a click. 
Elegant summer sunshades easily set with YKK zippers or roll up system supported by stainless steel pipes for Prestige yacht.

Smart Storage

Protect and save cockpit sunshades.

Dark grey Frey Smart Storage bag with strong black straps. The perfect way to protect your cockpit sunshades and save space.

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