Space saving solution with white Frey Smart Storage Bag. Simply store superyacht tender covers, for all year protection.

All Year Protection
For Superyacht Tenders

Simple to cover. Simple to store.

Meet High-End Performance Awnings

When it comes to supeyacht tenders on mega yachts, tender protection awnings by Frey are designed to protect them all season. Carrying all the latest technologies to deliver superior performance.

That’s how we at Frey make awnings that fit perfectly and are very easy to handle and set up.
When not in use, they are easily stored in our
Frey smart storage bag which makes it easy to take your tender awning wherever you go. It’s designed to support our awnings while they’re not in use, providing protection when not in use or during transportation.

Discover easy-to-handle-design

Frey team preparing for installation of protective, high-end performance awnings for Nautique tender on megayacht Al Mirqab.


Team Frey install easy to use white premium protection awning over Nautique tender on deck of Kusch megayacht Al Mirqab 133m.

Frey install high-end white performance awnings for Al Mirqab superyacht tenders. Easy to use, perfect fit protective covers.

Frey team securing premium protection awnings, with strong straps and stainless steel buckles for Nautique, megayacht tender.

Perfect fit, easy to cover and secure, white premium protection awnings for Vikal & Nautique tenders on megayacht Al Mirqab.

New protective awning for Nautique S/Y tender with newly reupholstered three tone exterior cushions on deck of M/Y Al Mirqab.

Team Frey reinforcing strong newly installed, all season white protective awning, for Nautique tender on megayacht Al Mirqab.

Nautique tender is ready for all weather conditions on bow of M/Y Al Mirab, with perfect solution protection awning by Frey.

Premium tender covers with strong exterior, perfect against harsh weather, & soft protective inner layer to prevent scratches.

Team Frey securing easy to use design, white premium protective awning for jet tender onboard Kusch megayacht Al Mirqab 133m.

Frey team finalise fastening system on instalment of protective awnings for jet tender located on Al Mirqab megayacht 133m.

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