Lagoon 52 F

Complete new upholstery cushions in U-shaped seating area in Lagoon 52 F forward cockpit, with soft pillows for chill zone.


Frey initial sketch for completely new upholstery for yacht exterior lounge areas for Lagoon 52F 16m catamaran.

PROJECT: New Upholstery Yacht Exterior

Lagoon name: Lagoon 52 F Catamaran
Length: 16 m
Main goal: Complete new upholstery with a unique style to set apart this Lagoon 52 from other charter catamarans
Duration: 30 days
Frey participants: Vanja & Matija (Design), Nerko, Ante, Tome (Production & Assembly)
Materials used: Sunbrella Cushion®, Aquaclean®
Location: Kremik, Marina ACI, Croatia

How The Lagoon 52 F Catamaran Became A Star


Whether cruising with family or friends, this Lagoon 52 F catamaran should embellish a comfortable atmosphere or be a perfect background setting for parties at sea with friends or family. Cruising can be memorable and cosy but with a personalised upholstered catamaran it could be definitely more memorable.

Our mission at FREY was to create all 3 lounge areas into very comfortable and personalised zones for extraordinary cruising. We also wanted to set this Lagoon catamaran apart from other charter catamarans.

Lagoon 52 catamaran becomes the Adriatic star embellishing a comfortable atmosphere in the lounge areas for family or friends.
Comfort, colour & fabric choice are crucial in initial design for this impressive Lagoon 52F project, giving it personality.

Giving The Impressive Catamaran Personality

As the Lagoon 52 F stands true to a catamaran of freedom, elegance and perfect sailing performance, this was a superb project for our Frey Yacht Stylist team.

It was our aim for people to know about this yacht, talk about their yacht experience as passengers and spread the word around to family, friends and potential passengers.

Comfort and colour choice were crucial factors for this project.

We wanted this Lagoon 52 to justify its name – ‘The Adriatic Star’, and to be known by it.

Modern Sunbrella Grey & Turquoise Yacht Upholstery For Luxurious LAGOON 52 F

Frolicking with colour palettes from the Sunbrella range, our designer team chose the colour combination of Sunbrella Cushions® Aruba (turquoise) and Sunbrella Cushions® Heather Grey for the Lagoon 52.

We combined turquoise, the colour of the sea representing tranquility and a deep connection with water, and grey tones incorporating the interior of catamaran. For a soft transition between these two colours we also included beige details.

Set it apart from other catamarans

Modern Sunbrella® grey & turquoise fabric used for reupholstering luxurious Lagoon 52F with beige details for a soft blend.
Fashion, quality & durable Sunbrella fabric with 5 year warranty, for modern look on flybridge, aft & forward cockpit on Lagoon.
Timeless design and style with quality Sunbrella® fabric, perfect match colours for a classy backdrop in Lagoon deck saloon.

Fashion & Quality Sunbrella®

To achieve a completely modern look on the aft cockpit, flybridge and forward cockpit zone of this Lagoon 52 F, perfect match colours were necessary. Sunbrella cushions Heather Grey was a great choice for this catamaran and a classy backdrop to offset the Aruba coloured
luxury pillows.

Sunbrella Cushions® offer a 5 year warranty and is the perfect durable marine fabric.

For timeless design and style

Straight lines & shape of grey yacht cushions in 10cm dryfast foam give elegance & comfort to the aft cockpit of the Lagoon.

The straight lines and shape of the yacht cushions give an elegance to the aft cockpit of the
Lagoon 52 F.

We manufactured them with dryfast foam of
10 cm thickness with an additional inbuilt layer for extreme softness and comfort.

Making A Wine & Dine Zone On The Lagoon 52 F Deck Saloon

To make meals in the wine & dine area of the Lagoon deck saloon a real pleasure, we have taken a step further and made personalised embroidered tablecloths with scattered custom made pillows from our Royal Ocean collection from FREY LUXURY PILLOWS.

A perfect welcome!

Dining zone on Lagoon 52F deck saloon with personalised embroidered tablecloth & Frey Luxury Pillows Royal Ocean Collection.
Bespoke turqouise tablecloths accentuate grey yacht cushions for a perfect breakfast setting in Lagoon 52 aft cockpit.

Orchestrating Your Yacht With FREY Yacht Decor

These bespoke tablecloths are a great match for the grey yacht cushions in the Lagoons’
aft cockpit.

They accentuate the Lagoon catamaran colours, making breakfast, lunch or dinner enjoyable.

With a touch of fresh fruit & wine the yacht owners have a recepie for spectacular dining through the summer days and nights in the Lagoon aft cockpit.

A memorable cruising experience!

Frey Luxury Pillows eye catching designs with special personalised embroidered details give an individual touch to your yacht.

Eye Catching Designs

Embroidered details on pillows always highlight monograms or the name of your yacht giving it a personalised touch.

As the Adriatic Star should be individual, memorable and set apart from other charter catamarans we designed special embroidery on gorgeous Sunbrella® pillows.

Complete reupholstery cushions in forward cockpit, U-shaped seating in Lagoon 52F, with soft turquoise pillows for chill zone.
Chilling on newly manufactured, perfect fit cushions & pillows for original U-shaped seating on Lagoon 52 F forward cockpit.

Chilling On The LAGOON 52 F Forward Cockpit

Staying true to the original U-shaped seating area in the Lagoon 52 forward cockpit we manufactured perfect fit cushions.
With lots of cosy pillows, this forward cockpit is the perfect chilling zone during cruising.

All You Need On The LAGOON Flybridge

By paying attention to particular elements you will realise that FREY luxury products are a must for comfort.

This is the secret of a pleasant and comfortable catamaran

The secret to a pleasant & comfortable catamaran are Frey luxury products. Great while unwinding with a bottle of champagne.

Chillout time on the LAGOON 52

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